Searching across Australian collections

There are a number of websites you can use to search the collections of multiple organisations at once. They include the following useful sites.


You can use Trove to search multiple collections held by libraries across Australia. You can also find collections held by museums and archives.

Trove allows you to search for books, newspapers, journals, pictures, maps, records and more. One of Trove's many great features is that it will tell you which library holds your item of interest.

For example, a search for Songs of a war boy by Deng Thiak Adut will show us which libraries in Australia hold a copy of this book.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to use Trove:

in addition, Trove allows you to search digitised collections such as photographs and historical newspapers. You can also search a collection of archived Australian websites, which are no longer live on the internet.

Go to the Trove website and search for Geelong Football Club.

Click on the Pictures, Photos & Objects category and find the Football jumper of Geelong player, John Brown.

Which organisation holds this jumper?

Culture Victoria

You can search for material available on the websites of a variety of Victorian cultural organisations by browsing the Culture Victoria website, including:

  • ACMI
  • Arts Centre Melbourne
  • Culture Victoria
  • Museum Victoria
  • NGV
  • PROV
  • State Library Victoria
  • Victorian Collections
  • Victorian Heritage Database

The Culture Victoria website also includes a searchable list of over 700 cultural organisations in the state. It's a great way to discover what cultural organisations exist.

For example, a search of the word surfing brings up the wonderful Australian National Surfing Museum. A fantastic place to explore the history of Australian surfing!


Go to the Culture Victoria website.
Select Organisations (in the top-level tool bar) and search for the term racing.

How many organisations are listed?

Victorian Collections

Victorian Collections is a showcase of cultural artefacts from hundreds of Victorian organisations.

It includes collections from smaller organisations, many of which don't have their own online catalogue.

It can be a great way to search for collections that are not listed on other websites such as Trove or Culture Victoria.

Things to remember
  • Use Trove to search across multiple library collections in Australia
  • The state's cultural institutions are listed on the Culture Victoria website
  • You can find the collections of smaller organisations on Victorian Collections

Now, let's take a look at searching across international collections.


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