Types of information

Information comes in many different forms. Many of us use books, journals and websites to research a topic, but what about works of art? Photographs? Audio recordings? Maps? Objects?

There are so many information sources out there! Depending on your subject, there could be a range of materials for you to access to deepen and enrich your research.

Here are just some of the broad range of resources you can use while researching a topic. sepia and green 1920s poster of the magician the Great Levante, Empire Theatre Woolwich

  • books
  • newspapers
  • journal articles
  • pamphlets
  • ephemera (flyers, how-to-vote cards)
  • websites
  • theses
  • government records
  • annual reports
  • oral histories
  • video recordings
  • diaries and letters
  • personal papers
  • data and statistics
  • maps
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • music scores
  • physical objects (coins, clothing, toys)
  • photographs
  • artwork
  • plans and designs
  • people (experts, enthusiasts or just interested parties)

Things to remember
  • Information comes in many different forms
  • A useful resource could be a book, website or person

So where do you find this information? Let’s look at a range of organisations and institutions, and the information they collect.


Image credit: The Great Levante and his new magical extravaganza, Will Alma conjuring collection, State Library Victoria

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