Other ways to search the web

Other search engines

Google isn't the only tool you can use to search the web. Here are some other search engines to try:

If you type the same research query into different search engines, you'll notice that quite different results can sometimes be retrieved. This is because each search engine has its own methods and ranks websites differently.

But what if we want to explore the web in a completely different way? Here are a few options:

  • Instagrok – creates a mind map visualisation of your topic showing how ideas relate to one another. It's wonderful for broadening your search.
  • Wolfram Alpha – generates answers to questions from an immense database. It's especially strong in the fields of science and maths.
In the image below, you can see what a search for 'Jupiter' looks like in Instagrok:

Go to Google and search for dwarf planets.

Now try the same search in Wolfram Alpha.

What's different about the results?

Can you think of another search that would work well in Wolfram Alpha? Remember, it's an excellent search engine for finding facts and data!


Along with video clips, documentaries, films and talks, YouTube hosts millions of 'how to' videos, including:

  • official 'help' video clips from companies and product producers
  • explanations and tips from experts
  • videos from the general public showing you how to fix common issues with devices and software programs
  • product reviews and troubleshooting
  • videos showing where to find different functions on phones, tablets, software and ereaders.

Things to remember
  • Google is not the only search engine
  • YouTube is a great source of answers to 'how to' questions

Now let's look at a question that confuses many of us: what information is free?


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