Topic outline

  • Get online: an introduction to the internet

    This course is designed to help you get online and use the internet with confidence, including searching the web, managing passwords and using email.

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    • 1. How do I get online?

      A person using a laptopSo, what is the internet anyway?

      In this module, we'll talk about:

      - What is the internet?
      - What is a browser?
      - What is a search engine?
      Pages: 3
    • 2. How do I search for information?

      Looking through a magnifying glassAlmost all the information you will ever need is on the internet - but how do you find it?

      In this module, we'll talk about:

      - How do I start searching?
      - What do search results mean?
      - How do I know if I can trust a website?
      - How do I search for images?
      Pages: 4
    • 3. How do I save what I find?

      Bookmark in bookOnce you've found information that you'd like to read or use later, there are lots of ways you can save it.

      In this module, we'll talk about:

      - What is bookmarking?
      - How do I save links on my computer?
      - How do I save links on a tablet?
      - How do I save links on a mobile phone?
      Pages: 4
    • 4. How do I keep my information safe?

      Pile of chains with a padlockIt's perfectly natural to have concerns about privacy online. Here are some guidelines to help you keep your personal details safe.

      In this module, we'll talk about:

      - How do I manage personal information online?
      - How do I use passwords?
      - How do I shop online safely?
      - Is it safe to use websites like Facebook?

      Pages: 4
    • 5. How do I use email?

      Mail boxNowadays everyone expects you to have an email address. Getting an email address is pretty simple and it helps you communicate and share information online.

      In this module we'll talk about:

      - How do I get an email address?
      - How does email work?
      - How do I attach documents to an email?
      - How do I stop getting so many emails?

      Pages: 4
    • What can I do next?

      A person walking on stones

      Well done! Thanks for taking our Get online course. We hope it's answered some of your questions about using the internet and inspired you to keep exploring the web.

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