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    Available courses

    Get online

    This self-paced course is designed to help you understand basic concepts and tools so you can use the internet with confidence.

    From browsers to search engines, bookmarks to email, our user-friendly course introduces newcomers to the web using simple to understand language and easy steps.

    You'll also learn about shopping online safely and using social media such as Facebook.

    Search skills

    This self-paced course is for everyone who wants to improve their online search skills. Whatever the information you're seeking - from family history to a research project, restaurant reviews to health advice - we'll show you how to retrieve the most effective, reliable search results.

    We'll look at using keywords and search operators, how to identify bias and ways to quickly make sense of your search results.

    The course also introduces you to the range of information resources held by libraries, both online and on the shelves.

    Unlock collections

    This self-paced course is designed to help researchers of all levels find information and collections in different organisations.

    We'll explore the different collecting organisations and the types of information they collect.

    We'll also show you how to search for collections online and how to access research databases.

    Jump Start October 2018

    This practical online course is designed to help information professionals thrive in the digital environment. The six-week course covers a range of topics and activities, including:
    • improving your online search skills by exploring a topic that interests you
    • using social media as a research tool
    • participating in discussion forums.

    Jump Start is a professional development course for Victorian public library staff. You must log in before you begin.

    Branching out for SLV staff 2020

    This expertly curated, practical online course guides you through the processes and resources involved in family history research.

    Short activities and case studies offer hands-on research scenarios to explore, and we provide support and interaction in a friendly forum environment.

    Most importantly, Branching out introduces you to the rich array of resources available for family historians, from genealogy databases to the State Library's peerless online and physical resources. Enhance your online skills, and learn helpful tips and tricks you can use for any research task.

    Branching out is a professional development course available to Victorian public library staff. It isn’t currently available to the general public. Contact branchingout@slv.vic.gov.au for more information.